Friday, July 24, 2009

You Can Do this Too and Great Resource for Those in New England

Once a year I like to give praise where it is due, to the true goddess of urban chicken farming. Katy of The City Chicken remains my inspiration for keeping chickens in the city. Her site laid out in a step by step fashion how to begin, and she posted great pics of the incarnation of her various coops, flocks, etc. If you are a chicken enthusiast or someone cautiously researching what this urban chicken thing is all about, I highly recommend you visit her site.

She is the reason I believed we could do this!

For anyone who lives in New England, or has family or friends in Massachusets, I would like to recommend you visit the web site of Roy Nilson. He is a farmer and poultry enthusiast who makes and sells chicken tractors. He is also a draft horse teamster, and as someone in love with farming, he is fighting the good fight in the state of Massachusets. Please support him in his endeavors, including a farming school for local children, as well as many other activities.

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