Saturday, October 01, 2005

Snowy Anne, with the White Undies

This is the highly fashionable silver laced wyandotte, Snowy Anne in profile view. Posted by Picasa


Katy Skinner said...

Speaking of cute pictures:



Katy Skinner said...

What to do with left over bacon grease:

I just tried this: I cooked some bacon and so I had a pan full of bacon grease. Usually you just pour it into a can or something, right? Instead, I put a couple of cups of layer pellets (chicken feed) into the pan. Let them soak up the grease. Then I could easily wipe the pellets into the chicken pen for the chickens to eat. Suet for chickens. :)


Katy Skinner said...

Hey!! We made it into an issue of 'Cage & Aviary Birds' in the UK? Thanks for sending that my way! Neato! I'll have to put that on my website somehow...


happygardeningmama said...

Katy, I'm behind on posting--we've been so busy recently.

Yes, we made it into a magazine in England! Let me know how you put that up on your web site, I'm trying to think of how I can do the same--or maybe I can just provide a link from here.

Little did you know when you built your first chicken tractor how far your fame and influence would one day extend, eh?

Nice pic of your boy on the rooster! Where is that?

Also, tell me more about the suet-feed mixture for your chickens. Did they love it?

Cheers, Leann