Saturday, October 01, 2005

This is the 3/4 view, where you can see that, um, Snowy Anne has white pantaloons shall we say? The amazing thing is that her sister silver laced wyandotte, Rosemary River, has a fuzzy grey/black bum, and the gold laced wyandottes likewise have brown/black bums. Posted by Picasa


Katy Skinner said...

Oh, those pictures of your Silver Laced Wyandotte are so cute! White pantaloons; how cute!

My RIR has a limp! I looked her over really well, and washed her feet, looking for owies, but nothing. She just limps.

My Barred Rock is still broody. She's trying hard to hatch out two golf balls. She's soo adoreable sitting on them.


happygardeningmama said...

How is your RIR these days? Ours went through that last year, but it turns out she lost a claw. Everyone told us it would grow back, but oddly enough that never happened. Doesn't seem to slow her down any though.

We found there was some sort of wire or nail or something sticking up on their coop ramp, which we took care of--typical me, overreacting, I got Michael out there to hold Rhoda while I applied hyrogen peroxide and neosporin! I'm ashamed to admit it--yes, I even put a band aid on her.

Then the extension service lady told me that chickens rarely get infections from such things, that they're quite tough that way.