Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Cloth Mommy

The chicks arrive 1 day old, and for better or worse, have never met the mama hen who laid them. Although a great many traits have been bred out of modern poultry fowl (including mothering instinct, ability to forage, etc.) the basic need for warmth and something that reflects that back still exists in these chicks.

We have always found that the first few nights the chicks need something aside from the impersonal heat lamp, something to "snuggle" with. A wash cloth or old cloth diaper usually fits the bill. Here you see the chicks bedding down on their wash cloth--change it nightly, because it gets messy. Posted by Picasa


Kelly said...

I find that a small stuffed animal works well too. I have a stuffed llama..I call it the chick llama It works well for them to snuggle up in the crook of the legs and tummy. After about a week they dont want it anymore, they snuggle together on their own, but it helps them get through that first week, minimizing the crying. Nice to meet you, I found you wandering around the internet the other day looking for fellow chicken folks. :) My name is Kelly, and I am a chickenaholic. ;) Come by and visit my blog when you get time. Hugs, Kelly

happygardeningmama said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping in--I shall visit your blog as well. The stuffed animal idea is brilliant! Better than the wash cloth in fact, as more of them can cuddle up to it!