Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happiest Girl in the World

I had to include this photo of the happiest girl in the world--new chicks in the household marks one of her favorite times of year, right up there with Christmas! Posted by Picasa


Bob said...

I'm not worthy!

Here's another question for you. We had another coturnix chick that started to hatch on Monday, and just quit with only her beak sticking out. She was still alive Wednesday evening, so I very carefully removed her from the shell.

She seems perfectly OK but her left foot won't open. I put her in a brooder by herself until she was dry. She was making so much noise, that I had to put her with the other chicks. She seems to be holdering her own and is eating and drinking viciously.

happygardeningmama said...

Oh Bob! I'll be honest, I'm no expert on this--I had heard someplace that chicks have to pip out under their own steam or else they do not thrive and develop correctly. Now don't ask me *where* I've heard this!

And frankly, I think you have much more experience than I do, since Vonski mentioned you also have ducks.

We've hatched out Japanese quail using a brooder, but never chickens.

I would call the extension service--if you're in my region, ask for Pat, she is amazing. Also, the owner of the feed store in Spfd, McKenzie Feed & Saddlery (something like that) is very good with poultry questions.

If it were me...well if she seems healthy in other respects...I might try to keep her as long as she didn't get pecked by the others. If she can't walk at all it will definitely become an issue trying to keep her clean...

Keep me posted! I'll check your blog for further updates!

Bob said...

I think you're the still chick expert. This is my first batch.

The piping thing would make sense.

happygardeningmama said...

I asked my hubby about this, who hatched out Japanese quail several years running with his elementary school classes (he's a teacher)--he said he also had heard that if the chicks are not strong enough to pip by themselves, they won't be strong enough to live. Every year he ended up with a couple of partway opened shells that didn't progress beyond that.

That said, I'd leave to hear updates on how your chick with the curly foot is doing! Go chick, go!

Bob said...

I went to the feed store you mentioned today. Smart people. The said that the egg's moms were likely underfed. in addition to the non-starters, I'm getting alot of undersized chicks so I'd tend to agree.

I got a higher-protien feed with anti-biotics. They seem to like it. I'll let you know how it works.

Stay tuned.

happygardeningmama said...

Sorry I forgot to respond to this--we normally like to go "all natural" with the hens, but quite frankly we've seen such a loss among the chicks that we decided it wasn't worth it. Where did you buy your eggs/chicks from so I avoid that in the future?

thecitychicken said...

Hi, there! Do you have a MySpace account? I keep blogging to mine, and forgetting about I post fairly often about chickens. More about my kids. :) Today I blogged about my rooster. Anwway, here are the links if you're interested:


happygardeningmama said...

Hello CityChicken Diva, I forgot to reply to this--or maybe I went directly to MySpace to do it there--I sort of have a's not really something I use and didn't seem like a good fit for my interests. Your site looks great though!

MyPetChicken said...

Hi there Happy Gardening Mama!
I just came across your site and love it. Your photography is especially beautiful.

I wanted to let you know about a new resource I've just developed - We aim to make it easy and fun for novices to keep chickens in addition to selling supplies, gifts etc. Of particular interest to your crowd might be our breed selector tool where visitors can answer a few questions and get an automatic breed recommendation:

And our free e-book on how to raise chickens:

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I'd be interested in your thoughts if you have time to give the site a once over!

happygardeningmama said...

Thanks for visiting Mypetchicken--I will certainly check your site! Yay for chicken enthusiasts!

thecitychicken said...

My big plan has a glitch in it. We spend all of our tax refund to fence the yard in. Now I can let my five hens (two are bantams) roam around without fear of escape or dogs. But now they are getting into my raised beds! My raised beds are 12" high, and for a week or so the heigh has been enough to make them not notice. But this afternoon I went out and saw that they dug in a number of raised beds and really moved a lot of dirt! They also ate some emerging plants. I'm sad! Because I love my raised beds and I've been loving watching my chickens roam free because usually they've been in a chicken tractor. I guess I will have to keep them in their tractor more. At least until my seedlings are well established. Like, when the zucchini and pumpkin vines are growing large, I can't imagine the chickens would do much damage to them. But they just dug down, found emerging calla lilies below the surface, and nipped off the tops of all of them. Blah! I don't really want to put fencing around my raised beds. Then they would be so hard to get in to and weed, and puttering around and leisurely weeding them is a pleasure of mine. Okay, I guess I'll go back to the chicken tractor. They don't mind it, since I move it often. Well, I guess I'm still glad I got the yard fenced, but it's a double edged sword. Thanks for listening and for any ideas!


Jennifer said...

I want chickens soo bad. The problem is what would I do with them in the winter (-30C)?

McAuliflower said...

More posts please! Especially as the sun is peeking out and a new season has sprung.

New chicken tales?

shelleycaskey said...

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thecitychicken said...

Hey, did you notice we (me and you; happyhens and thecitychicken) were mentioned and linked-to over at It's a nice looking site. ~~Katy Skinner

happygardeningmama said...

Hi Glenn & Katie, thanks for your comments. I'm working on getting the blog current, and will be fixing / adding links to your sites this week (week of 7/7/09)