Saturday, May 07, 2005

Chickens & Cats--a Study in Detente

One of the questions we get most frequently is folks wondering if our cats are a threat to the chickens. There was a small window, up until the pullets (what baby hens are called) were up to about 2 months old, the cats were certainly a threat. At this point, the cats know that the hens are not only an even match, but they travel in a flock. If you've ever had 15 chickens run at you at once, it can be somewhat intimidating--so much so, that one of our cats, Fuzzy will never be seen in a photo like this because he is terrified of the chickens!

Pictured is Lauren Beak-all in the back center, Cherry Blossom to her right, Wynelle to the left, and Goldie Hen and Sunshine in the foreground near our cat, Whitey. The chicken to the right of our daughter is also named Goldie Hen. (The golden chickens are called Buff Orpingtons--they look and act nearly identical, so they all have the same name.) Posted by Hello

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