Saturday, May 28, 2005

Sheep & Chickens, Best of Both Worlds?

Recently a teacher my husband subs for suggested that we might be very happy with a couple of sheep (this was a day or two before the truck engine blew up). While I am very tempted, we have to resolve the issue of a replacement vehichle first so we can continue to enjoy the flock we already have. As a fiber arts enthusiast (oh please don't confuse that with skill or anything!) I would love to have sheep!

However, if you are in the Eugene area and would like some Shetland cross sheep we can connect you with the owner. These sheep are not for eating! The are small sized sheep, so not the best choice for meat--but their high quality fleece will make you very happy if you like to spin, felt, weave, knit...additionally, we have been told the adults are quite friendly.

Lambs are $40, sheep are free--but all must be going to good homes, and my guess would be going in pairs at a minimum as they are flock animals and will be unhappy in isolation. If you live in the Eugene city limits and have a lot of 20K feet or larger, it is legal for you to have sheep--and chickens of course! Still a little unsure, check out this site for inspiration!

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