Thursday, May 12, 2005

You Can Do This Too!

This is the web site that helped me believe I could have chickens in my backyard. This woman lives in SE Portland, and check out how small her yard it. In Eugene 4 hens (no roosters!) is the legal limit for lots under 20,000 square feet.


KatySkinner said...

Hi, there! So glad you liked my site,! Chickens are fun, aren't they? You have some great pictures of hens on your blog. Keep up the good work.

-Katy Skinner

Anonymous said...

Katy's the bomb. :-)

happygardeningmama said...

Hi Katy,

Oh I am so honored! Truthfully, you really are the reason we believed we could raise chickens. Several years ago, when we lived in Salem for a short time I remember e-mailing you, and you were incredibly encouraging. The Salem laws were such that it simply wasn't possible, but now that we are back in Eugene...what started as a dream has become an obsession! Thank you for forging the way and making it look easy for the rest of us!

Katy Skinner said...

You live in Eugene? That's funny, because the "anonymous" poster who wrote, 'Katy's the bomb' is my husband's brother, and he lives in Eugene. :)

Right now we live in a --gasp-- rental house. We sold our house in N.E. Portland and moved an hour North to the rural town of Yacolt, WA. We are having a new house built here, near my husband's work, and are renting until it is built. I still had to have chickens so I have just three in a chicken tractor in the back yard. In our new house, I undoubtedly will have a larger flock. I would like to get back in to raising chicks to sell as "pullets at the point of lay," which I was doing in Portland. That was fun; helping people get into chickens without having to brood baby chicks. But no city dwellers will want to drive clear out here to pick up I was thinking about offering to deliver them to people. I wouldn't make any money, but I might be able to have the sale of each chicken pay for gas money to Portland, where I go often anyway. Thoughts? -Katy Skinner

happygardeningmama said...

Katy, I think it's a viable idea. We have been known to order organic fruit trees from a farm about one hour away, why not nearly laying hens?

One thing you could do is find out from local feed stores wether they ever have that kind of clientele locally, folks who would like laying hens, but don't have time for raising chicks.

Since I began working full time a few months ago, I can say quite honestly it will be a long time before we can have chicks again. They are very time consuming and require committment and care. And when someone is around full time, especially with a child or two, that goes a long way towar taming the hens. I think there's a lot to be said for reasonably friendly hens!

Another thing...sometimes it's a good thing to have a small hobby business that generates a loss. It can be a blessing tax wise! So your visits to the city to deliver hens could become tax deductible, any visits to Portland, ostensibly to do "marketing" could become tax deductible...ah, the possibilties!

I look forward to hearing more about your venture, and hope you will post about it on your blog!

happygardeningmama said...

Katy, so sorry--I hope you will post about your possible new venture on your WEBSITE!