Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Hen Hilton

This is the view of the original coop, an 8' X 4' X 6' wood frame construction Hen Hilton on cement slab. The coop has an entrance directly into the run, as well as 2 windows and eave ventilation. This coop was made of recycled materials, including windows & doors, as well as hinges. Even the fence posts for the run have been recycled, and at least 1/3 of the wire for the fencing is also recylced.

Just behind Lauren Beak-all is one of our "worm bins"--we have filled this with chicken manure infested straw (from coop clean up), leaves, and other compostables. Now it is filled with worms and other delectable bugs. The chickens will get in and scratch around for a little snack. Soon we will be harvesting the compost for our garden.

Our permaculture-enthusiast neighbor was initially very worried about using any of the chicken manure straw for his compost, primarily because chicken manure is viewed as being very "hot". Today he commented that he thinks his worms love the chicken manure, he's never seen them in such quantities and attributes it to the chicken poop spiked compost he's been experimenting with. Posted by Hello

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