Saturday, May 07, 2005

Chickens Love to be Outdoors

Our girls love getting out for yard time. Chickens love the greens (especially dandelions and strong tasting greens like collards & kale), bugs, and seeds they get from foraging in the yard. In fact, when chickens are allowed to graze on these foods you'll notice stronger thicker egg shells, and near-orange colored yolks, an indication of higher vitamin A content.

You'll note the garden behind the fence--we share our yard with a neighbor, and our chickens are not very careful about how they treat vegetable gardens. In order to preserve the peace, we erected this fence for our neighbor and also pruned some of our trees. Although chickens can't fly, they have no hesitation jumping from limb to limb up a tree and "gliding" into another yard. Posted by Hello

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