Saturday, May 07, 2005


I decided this would be the best way to advertise our eggs to friends and interested parties who wanted to find out more about our eggs, and having a small urban flock of hens. Some folks have been interested in buying our eggs, and we also wanted to introduce the hens who do all the hard work, and see what kind of living environment they have.

We've had a small flock of 15 for about a year now, and 4 week ago got 6 chicks who will go into "production" by September. Currently we receive about a dozen fresh eggs a day. We keep several dozen a week for our personal use, and sell our eggs for $2 per dozen. If folks are interested in purchasing eggs or finding out how to start their own urban flock they can contact us via this blog.

We'll be posting photos, both current and past history of the flock.

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